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Gabe Martin is a second career, fourth year seminarian. He’s got a great sense of humor and he knows his stuff when it comes to ministry. He will make a fine pastor after he graduates this year! Prior to seminary, he was a carpenter (“Just like J.C.,” he says) something he started in high school and continued doing, well into his thirties. I asked our newest Bell Ringer to share a little information about himself and this is what he had to say.

“I like to spend my free time with my wife and our three kids. Together we enjoy lots of outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping and hikes in the woods. I am at the Seminary now because I had ignored God’s call for quite some time. I always figured God was barking up the wrong tree, seeing how I am, still to this day, rough around the edges and a work in progress. I am glad to be here (I am saying this because I only have one more quarter to go until I am out of here). I believe that I am a good fit as ‘Bell Ringer’ seeing how my grandfather and his father were bootleggers. This sort of thing is in my blood. Thanks for the drinks.”

Gabe is a good guy and well deserving of our most coveted “Bell Ringer” award. It seems word is getting around, as there were several other hopeful seminarians around, all vying for this honor.

You, our avid readers are truly a generous bunch. So let’s ring the bell loud and clear for Gabe. I know he will appreciate your generosity and your willingness to help him enjoy a few drinks with his friends as he prepares for the pastoral office! Now is your chance to support a seminarian, buy he and his classmates a cold drink and let them know that they are not alone as they prepare for ministry in the church and when they enter the parish. I check in from time to time with our previous Bell Ringers and find great joy in seeing them in action, serving the Lord and faithfully discharging the tasks which our Lord has given them to do. Sometimes I even get a chance to buy them another round, talk about ministry, and offer them the support of a brother pastor.

Let’s ring the bell for Gabe! Thanks for your support!

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